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At 702 Raw, we delivery high quality raw pet food at a reasonable price.  Healthy and natural, our raw blends are made with human-grade ingredients, contain no fillers or preservatives and are made to suit your pet's nutritional needs.

702 Raw Pet Food

Providing the highest quality raw pet food products in the Las Vegas area.  We deliver to your door!

Welcome to 702 Raw Pet Food

At 702 Raw Pet Food, we partnered with 808 Raw Pet Food to provide a raw diet made specifically for your pets (dogs or cats). The 808 Raw Blends are formulated as an all-life stage, complete and balanced meal. We’ve work with manfacturers to provide what your pets need nutritionally, saving you time, money, and most importantly, providng you with the peace of mind that what you are feeding your pet is a healthy, complete, and balanced meal.

What's special about our blends?

Our blends:

 - Are made from 100% human-grade ingredients
- Are 100% grain-free
- Contains no fillers and/or preservatives
- Contains no preservatives
- Are manufactured in USDA inspected facilities


Benefits of a Raw Diet

Commercial dog food (kibble, canned food, etc.) contains preservatives and other non-natural ingredients for a longer shelf life, improved taste, and consistency. Unfortunately, these also potentially lead to health issues, allergies and other ailments that cost you time and money. A raw diet promotes improved health, better nutrition, and most importantly, a natural diet for your pet. Benefits include, but are not limited to:

Dog's Portrait

Improved dental health

Poor dental hygiene can, in some instances, be attributed to a poor diet, especially those that are heavily processed or high in carbohydrates. A raw diet, inclusive of bones are well-known as being nature’s tooth brush for our pups, helping to maintain better dental health by assisting in the removal of tartar and supporting a fresher breath.

Raw dog food benefits - Improved digestion

Improved digestion

A raw diet includes living enzymes, antioxidants, and amino acids that promote a healthier digestive system. Many chronic digestive problems and sensitive stomach issues are attributed to fillers, preservatives, and additives in kibble. Dogs thrive on a diet that’s rich in quality proteins and low in carbohydrates.

Benefits of a raw diet for dogs - Healthier skin and coat

Healthier skin and coat

Raw diets contain many ingredients that support skin and coat health, including fatty acids. Healthy omega fats support healthy skin and a softer coat as well as providing anti-inflammatory benefits, perfect for dogs with allergies or inflammatory skin diseases.

Raw  dog food benefits - immune system support

Immune system support

Unlike commercial pet food, our raw products contains ingredients that your pet was naturally made to eat. Providing complete and balanced nutrition is essential to help our dogs’ immune systems thrive and the nutrition in all-natural ingredients have the added benefit of being highly digestible for your dog.

Raw dog food benefits - Reduced poop and order

Reduced poop and odor

Carbohydrates and filler ingredients found in kibble takes longer to digest and be absorbed by your dog. These ingredients act as fillers and can lead to a larger amount of stool volume with a heavy odor. Our raw blends contains no fillers and preservatives, which tpyically results in stools that are smaller with reduced odor.

Raw dog food benefits - weight management

Weight management

A raw diet is a natural way to help manage your pet’s weight and improve their overall wellbeing. Raw pet food does not contain additional carbohydrates or sugars which can be harder for your pet to burn off. Our raw products are made with human-grade ingredients to help your dog maintain their ideal body weight.

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702 Raw Pet Food

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